Michigan Attorney General Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Affirmative Action

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette asked the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that threw out Michigan’s ban on the use of affirmative action.

Mr. Schuette argues that the decision by the Court of Appeals disenfranchised voters in “their choice to eliminate considerations of race in education”.

U-M has a long history with issues at the center of the case. Officials said they are waiting to make any changes to admission practices until the legal battles are officially over.

10 years ago, the university was involved in a Supreme Court ruling governing race and universities in two lawsuits. The high court upheld the U-M Law School’s use of race as a consideration in admissions, as long as there were no quotas but threw out the undergraduate admissions system that awarded extra points to Minority students.

Proposal 2 banned the state’s universities and other public institutions from considering an applicant’s minority status or gender in their admissions or hiring processes.

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