Retail Fraud Conviction and Immigration Status

Retail fraud is considered a crime involving moral turpitude by Immigration law. There are three ways that a conviction for Retail Fraud may adversely impact your immigration status: 1. You may be deportable under the INA. 2. you could be inadmissible if you were to leave the country at any point and try to return from the trip abroad. 3. the conviction can affect your application for naturalization.


Deportability depends on the nature of the conviction for Retail Fraud. In Michigan Retail Fraud can be a Misdemeanor or a Felony depending on the amount stolen. If the retail fraud conviction happens within 5 years of your admission to the US, and the crime for which your are convicted carries a maximum sentence of one year or longer, then you will be deportable.

Further, you can be deportable if you have two or more retail fraud convictions. Please call us to find out more about your specific matter. Our number is (248) 649-1000 or e-mail us at


If you visit a foreign country, upon your return you may be inadmissible if your conviction for retail fraud happened within five years of your admission into the United States. Persons who are considered inadmissible do become subject to removal proceedings. The time to ensure your well being is before you leave the country. It is important to speak with us to make sure that you do not get convicted in the first place.


In order to become an American Citizen, the person needs to prove to the immigration officer that he or she has a good moral character. A conviction of crime involving moral turpitude within five years of application for naturalization can be construed as evidence of lack of good moral character. That said, in situations such as these, it would be foolish to face the immigration officer on your own. Good representation goes a long way and we would urge you to contact us before making such applications.

Retail Frauds, as mentioned above, can be Felonies as well. In such cases the person may be deportable due to the crime being considered an Aggravated Felony. It is very important that you contact us so that we can represent you on the criminal matter before any life altering decisions are made. This is the time where we, representing you on the criminal case, can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to reduce the charges by way of a plea bargain. It is crucial that you do so in order to avoid adverse immigration consequences. Our number is (248) 649-1000.

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